Design services

1,   customers through telephone, online customer service online orders, contact us.

2,   designers understand the project profile.

3,   free site survey, face-to-face communication with customers, collecting design information.

Note: If the customer through online orders or any other means provided very detailed information, designers can also design, budget.

4,   free design, a preliminary budget.

5,   request of our customer improvement program.

6,   determine the design and budget.

7,   require customers doing renderings and construction to customer satisfaction.

  Tip: have free renderings, construction of the project.

8,   project construction contract signed, complimentary use of all drawings.

9,   to help customers go through the property procedures.

10, began construction, designers free monitoring design and implementation, free service customer requests for design changes.

11, end of construction to provide as-built drawings.

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