Decorate simple Feng Shui ten step method

first, the change from the inside  

subconscious change will reflect on your outward appearance. Only recognize this and pay attention to its own internal gossip and get longer, deeper changes. Family harmony is based on this understanding.  

inspiration for the second, from  

in learning about Feng Shui knowledge, you can make your home into a place of your personal power: once you realize that your life is a mirror of your life responses. Then you should look at the surrounding environment, and whether the judge can see exactly what you want to see. If not change it--this won't be hard. Then, when the visions around you there is something and your wishes when you desire becomes more real and more possible.  

three, and natural

Although modern life and technology brings a lot of benefits and privileges, but also bring people closer to nature more and more. Many of the problems we face today in there thousands of years ago our ancestors were not found. Makes a man strong. But by the time we live in complacency in convenience, we have in fact under the control of its power, and it getting stolen, tranquillity and recreation. So in your home. To make the housing environment close to nature as possible.  

most four, strong personal energy to improve the environmental

strong personal energy can improve the environment, in spite of more difficult: If a man does not have an indomitable spirit. Without an iron will, that he would often suffer from misfortune, you can be in control of your health. Pay attention to adjust their habits. Ensuring good nutrition and good quality of sleep. So that you have a strong personal energy. And also makes you have a good mental state.  

five, not completely bewildered by the various systems

you may be from different people, different books to get all kinds of advice on Feng Shui and home. They are given for the same question different interpretations. And you should find the most reasonable. Amount for you. If you have no idea at all, then you go and ask your House. It may sound amazing. But in the silence of the conversation and contemplation can produce unexpected wisdom and inspiration!  

  six, opening up space for your new life  

  you don't have to live like a monk, you have to get anything out of the House to move up, or your home and life is not attracting enough space to new things. If you are bath house add a mirror, your room will become more promiscuous.

often look at things in the House are all you like, whether it is useful, otherwise throw it away.  

seven step by step change

step by step, slowly and carefully, so that you can know exactly which ones are really useful, and which are not. Note that after you do, you had some serendipitous event, such as your home in order to make the family relations are more harmonious move into a plant,

and the next day you did not contact relatives for a long time suddenly give you a call. Continues to change and observe the side of change, even if those changes appear less quickly, not so obvious.  

eight, your home is your refuge

  When you are tired of modern life, you can find a comfortable and relaxing at home. Observe in what's in your life make you feel stress and tension, and to bring home some balancing their stuff. No matter what your bedroom must reach a real peace, where you can get a good rest, recharged to greet the new day.  

nine, good energy flow for your work at home

first make sure that where you live can really support you. To have a good diet, it can protect your energy. Protect you from electromagnetic influence, not by outside pressures and difficulties overwhelm; whether at home or in the Office to create a better work environment. A natural, enjoyable, exciting work environment.  

10, allowing free flow of energy

If your home's energy can flow freely from the door to the other room in the House, without any obstacles. That your life will be easy, the energy flow is subject to so many obstacles at home. How many twists and turns will also appear in your life. Your rooms are designed to performance SDN, success, wealth, and opportunity, and you will find that your life is made up of these factors.

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