Office decorating design

1. Office decoration comes into play, the first thing on the ground assessments, as Office decoration surface needs to be flat enough, if not flat may cause certain effects on the renovation of the Office, leveling of injustice 1:3 cement mortar or self-leveling cement can also be leveled, so that you can proceed to the next step Office renovation ground link.

2. &Nbsp;  is related to the ground, that is play slot. Need to note that slot depth and width, due to lack of size will make the ground in line the back rough, then only rework.   

3. &Nbsp;  said the ground was heaven. Modern office requirements for fire-related specifications, if you want to ceiling, indoor spraying of all must be exposed ceiling to size and household levels. The matter was turned over to a professional company to do it.   

4. &Nbsp;  If the created a new space, in accordance with the fire code, separate smoke detector must be increased, but also to ask the company to do, general building maintenance unit. This item and the item if the Blues, is pass the acceptance of the property.   

5. &Nbsp;  Office renovation process, because the small, weak improvement (including cable and telephone lines) are often not dedicated cabling company to do. Then we must pay special attention to data and voice tags must be in line when do not cause problems for follow-up.  

6.   Office repair network cabling in all pipe lines must be used, and cannot be a common PVC pipe in the home, cable box iron box, perhaps PVC can also be used, but it is.   

7. &Nbsp;  now many buildings equipped with central air-conditioning and ventilation system, but indoor air outlet may not meet the requirements. Need to replace the extended or adapted outlet company professionals, and ceiling works.   

8. &Nbsp;  decoration wall if the quality is bad, must wait until completely dry after puttying,   

9. &Nbsp;  ceiling in the Office regardless of the use of asbestos or mineral wool Board, Rod hung with screws to be durable, with wire suspension is absolutely not allowed.  

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