Civil construction energy saving management regulations

article   in order to strengthen the management of civil construction energy saving, increase energy efficiency, improve indoor thermal environment under the People's Republic of China energy conservation law and the People's Republic of China Building Act and related regulations, this provision is enacted.

article   provisions apply to the following project approval, design, construction, completion of the engineering quality supervision, inspection and property management:

(a) the building climate zones defined by the standards of cold and cold set the central heating construction and expansion of residential buildings and ancillary facilities to;  (b) the construction, reconstruction and expansion of tourist hotels and ancillary facilities.

article   construction administrative departments under the State Council in charge of the national supervision and administration of energy conservation in civil buildings.

local construction administrative departments of the people's Governments at or above the county level are responsible for the supervision and administration of energy conservation in civil buildings in their administrative areas. Architectural energy saving work commissioned by the construction Administrative Department of building energy efficiency agencies.

fourth   countries will encourage the improvement of energy saving technology, encourage the introduction of foreign advanced building energy-saving technologies, prohibit the introduction of overseas backward technologies, materials and equipment for buildings.

State encourages the development of building energy saving technology of the following (product):

(a) of new energy saving wall and roof insulation, heat insulation techniques and materials;  (b) the technology of thermal insulation and energy-saving doors and Windows closed;

(c) central heating and combined cooling, heat, electricity and cogeneration technologies;

(d) the temperature control of heating system and household heat metering technology and equipment;

(e) the solar, geothermal and other renewable technology and equipment;

(f) energy-saving technology and architectural lighting products;  

(VII) energy saving technology for air conditioning and refrigeration products;

(VIII) other energy-saving technologies and energy-saving technology is mature and effective management techniques.

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