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Cleanup: major paint primer.  

the original paint: lead-also known as oil, grinding is made by mixing pigments with drying oil, and how to adjust PuTTY.  

mixed paint: also known as Matt, two types of grease paint and natural resin paint.  

varnish: also known as where the State water and oil-based varnish and resin varnish types. Ester gum varnish, phenolic varnishes, alkyd varnish, nitrocellulose lacquer and shellac varnish. Gloss, fast film, wide usage.  

enamel: prepared with varnish and pigments, used two types of phenolic aldehyde enamel and alkyd enamel.  

paint: oil paint and resin paint categories ...  

LaTeX: the film has some permeability and resistance. Dry paint film is not blistering, discoloration, not tacky, used for interior wall finishing. To human body nonpoisonous, no pollution to the environment. Paint is made up of what are the main ingredients?  

paint the main components include the following five parts:

(1) fuel: includes drying oil and half-drying oil, is one of the main film.  

(2) resins: natural resins and synthetic resin, is a major part of the film.  

(3) color: includes color pigments, extenders and rust preventive pigment, quite a variety of specific varieties, as a minor film.  

(4) the thinner: including solvents and diluting agents, used to dissolve the material and adjust consistency, film-forming substances as auxiliary.  

(5) Accessories: including driers, curing agent, plasticizer, moisture-proof agent. Film-forming substances belong to secondary.  

decorative coating composition:  

main film material: also known as adhesive and fixing agents, paint is made Foundation.  

minor film-forming substances also form part of the film, but it can't leave alone constitute the main film substance coating.  

assisted film-forming substances, including solvents and auxiliary materials. Pinus oil such as gasoline, cigarettes, perfumes, such as benzene, ethyl acetate, acetone; such as curing agent, emulsifier, thickening agent, rinse, wetting agent, dispersant, defoamer, initiator, catalysts, stabilizers, antioxidant, antifreeze, etc.  

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