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tile installation method of the overall effect of the tiles have a lot of influence but most decoration still follow traditional ways. Mainly vertical tiles bonded with cement mortar. Although this method is less structured but lacking novelty. Tile style changes, especially aesthetic standard tiles paving the new trend is slowly emerging let us see how tiles can change the French.  

New paving tiles with  

1, tile adhesive used is also called dry paste method is a new paving material. It changed the wet mortar cement. Tile needs no pre soaking the base surface is not wet. As long as the pavement conditions can make the basis of job position has been greatly improved. Its bonding effect than the traditional cement mortar particularly applicable operating small working environment of small and medium projects and home improvements.  

2, colorful sealant to use it is no ordinary color cement for joints in General paving the ground or wall. Characterized by color hold strong pressure wearable, alkalization, not contraction, not powder, not only changed the crevice water shedding tile adhesive is not strong problems and gaps color tile match harmonization and complement each other.  

3, edge cross frame uses these materials used to make paving internal corner, Yang Kok construction technology is greatly improved ceramic tile 45 degrees are no longer needed trimming saving hours and damaged. Cross positioning can make the tiles pavement seam accuracy has improved. Simplify the construction process. The above information by the median Spain tiles provide  

new combinations of tiles  

1, the combination of a variety of specifications pavement it features select size variety of tiles of different sizes, with some combination of floor mounted as a group. Because of the tile by combinations of different sizes and combinations way ground geometric lines immediately reflected in changes in order to change and vivid.  

2, by a variety of random color combinations this is Spain tiles paving the latest trends it is made of glazed tiles random combination pavement of different colors. Its visual effects vary widely. For us, a reverie traditional "symmetrical reunification"   aesthetic challenge. It is suitable for larger halls.  

3 popular antique floor tiles, pavement joints now market its main emphasis historical regression. Glazed handle rugged straight edge also make corrosion-the need for pavement cracks and color fill so that the overall effect of cement unity stressed a heavy sense of history. 4, walls paved with 45-degree inclined Pu use in conjunction with vertical overlay, making walls from the geometric lines rather monotonous becomes enriched and enhanced the icing on the cake and the atmosphere of the space.  

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