Service process

1.   Telephone appointments, site survey;  

2.   Understanding customer needs, graphic design;  

3.   Programs communicate changes, design finalization;  

4.   Grade of understanding customer budget, materials, decoration project budget;  

5.   Communicate changes on the budget and confirmed that decoration engineering contract was signed contract;  

6.   Preparation of construction plans and construction schedules, construction drawings and renderings as appropriate;  

7.   Fire protection engineering required to declare the entire drawing, seal and company information provided by customers to assist with engineering fire reporting procedures;

     and depending on the nature of projects required insurance and engineering quality inspection reporting procedures;  

8.   According to the property where the fire approval to construction where entry procedures;  

9.   Customers, designers and construction personnel deliver the programme and confirmed that construction started;  

10.   All phases monitored clients, designers and quality control personnel, ensure the project was completed according to plan quality;  

11.   Make changes additions, such as the record, after the completion of customer, quality, properties related to the tripartite acceptance;  

12.   Fire exit Declaration of acceptance, transfer of engineering and property procedures;  

13.   For the settlement procedures, engineering warranty card issued, full warranty.

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