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Jump space under the structure of the United States

owner in this case is a couple of Zhejiang businessmen, and their daughter is Shanghai University, Shanghai, although the couple did not live, but given his daughter's future development, a high-end real estate in Shanghai bought this set of apartments located on the ground floor next hops.

   room, designers did not make too many changes, only the structure a more rational planning of space. The floor of the House, is a typical three-bedroom, dining living room is an open space as a whole, two-bedroom and den was neatly to one side slightly cramped. Designers will study door opened and replaced with tempered glass, and the ground elevation in the study process, beneath with a warm yellow light bar, so the whole space is more transparent, and jumping sense of melody is also highlighted in the study.

     two bedroom all compact, in addition to basic bedding is no more room, so designers secondary lying side wall by the stairs did a built-in wardrobe, occupied part of the aisle space, free up more storage space. Wardrobe in the form of telekinesis, space even more wealthy.

   hold the stainless steel handrails down basement is journey into amazing caves, here are planning a small sitting area, adding double-seater bar, meet the master movie, appointments and private party needs. Home main storage space hidden behind ebony doors, and mirrors the use of the entire space and flexibility and permeability.

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