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Laundry room requires planning and design

development of washing clothes is actually very short, long time housewife to get away from the heavy housework, is to a large extent subject to washing work. 1867 the first washing, just a simple bucket with a revolving cage-like grille, but it and improve the popularity of water pipes, washing clothes can not be limited by water, indoors. Once you have the indoor relaxing approach to laundry, toilet washing function also began to host more and more, people started washing machines, dryers and even drying racks are concentrated into an area, washing clothes comes into being. Many owners like the secondary health and transformation into the laundry room, this is indeed to avoid doing waterproofing work. Ci Wei but most rooms are located north of the location away from the balcony, washing drying tend to pass through the living room, very convenient. Some special l-shaped area of some laundry equipment cannot be side-by-side, washing clothes when the tangle. Balcony into a washing room is also a good choice, founder of balcony space, and convenient way to dry. But need to do water, washing machines and other equipment the larger bearing need to be considered. Drain outside a unit on the balcony, once during the winter season, snow blocked or frozen pipes easily, leading washing machine water not going out, may also flow to the balcony. Best outdoor drain pipe insulation on a balcony.  

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