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Office noise prevention design

under normal circumstances, more than half of the Office interior noise is transmitted through walls and the other half is spread through ground, therefore, wall and floor insulation in the Office the main premise is to ensure quiet in the Office. Shanghai Che-hung below explain to you Office noise control design of decorative design specific solutions:  

1. laying of wall decoration with the Office, prior to the floor or Office floor tiles paving the Office, first in the bottom of the interior walls of a layer of 1 to 2 cm thick, about 10 cm tall foam material, this is known as the wall. This wall with very good elasticity and strength, through this material filters, noise is not spread directly from the wall, thus effectively isolated from the upstairs and downstairs the wall most of the noise pollution.  

2. moisture insulation of the Office: on the Office wall after processing is completed, followed by ground moisture barrier and sound insulation Board, the two layers of material to be effective moisture and prevents noises from the ground.   

3. Office of segmentation of pavement layer: it put the vapor barrier, insulation panels and cast-steel concrete sheet separate from the structure, while ensuring that water does not penetrate the moisture of concrete thin cast steel and noise barriers.   

4. build a floating ground. Traditional ground reinforced with cement mortar and tile directly on the floor, unable to overcome the effects caused by deformation of buildings. Currently, the paving thickness of 4-5cm cast-steel concrete plate, this plate is not directly in contact with the ground, and moistureproof insulation layer by segmentation layer separated is not directly connected with the walls, surrounded by walls separating the ground appeared "floating" effect. Wall with the "soft" connection not only mute your walls and floors, also ultimately ensure long-term smooth, without distortion.   

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