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How to lay carpet

Office laying carpet will improve Office of grade, taste, and carpet from surface Shang see to not will produced stains, beautiful, also will to Office brings warm, and not like tiles, tile,, with to people cold of feel, but Office carpet laying is about way method of, need professional people to laying, following we for you tells about Office carpet laying of details problem.  

Select Office carpet, the prerequisite is to common types of carpet, 2 m, 3 m, 4 m, we need to calculate when purchasing these types of carpet of his office space in order to not to waste, can also allow for unforeseen circumstances.  

Office carpet laying of early to completely of flat ground, flat ground of direction is guarantee ground no raised or SAG of place, if has raised as mill flat, if has SAG to joined material heal, also, to keep ground no water, to very of clean clean only line,, all finished zhihou to prepared laying Office carpet zhiqian of tool has, general need of tool is wallpaper knife, long feet, floor rubber and so on, laying of when to assessment flat, prevent future up wrinkle off.  

when laying carpet to prevent the carpet back, this time we can use the adhesive and adhesive to glue the floor carpet and ground, in addition, if more office furniture, Office furniture as possible to hold the carpet around paved after the Office carpet, try to tighten, layering the rug.  

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